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Receivables Marketplace

Our platform enables businesses to access funding and improve cash-flow by selling the outstanding receivables they choose to private investors and get paid immediately.

Alternative Investment

A new investment class that generates alpha on your capital with the efficiency and transparency of an automated platform. You can now give businesses access to funding in order to improve their cash-flow.

Asset Registry

An immutable permissioned blockchain allowing financial institutions and financing companies to query a distributed database for duplicate invoices.

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Process Overflow

the trading process of alterfina

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Our Team

Alterfina is led by a team of young Kenyan and British professionals with previous experience in the capital markets, commercial & investment banking, supply chain management, fund management and information technology.

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We work with accountants, lawyers, business & investment advisers to provide their clients with invoice trading solutions. Introducers earn a commission for every instrument that is successfully financed.

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